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That Girl Has Love

Kelly Lee
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i'm in hufflepuff!

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Congratulations on making Hufflepuff!

You're one hard-working, loyal, compassionate little thing, aren't you?! Well, there are some good things, and some bad things about that. Bad things first, so after you're let down and crying your eyes out, plunging into a state of depression, I can cheer you up with the better facts. Bad thing, your house has a horrible rep for being a bunch of wimps. Sorry. Good thing, it's not quite true. You're tough! It's hard to be loyal! And remember, Hufflepuff is you! Don't be ashamed of yourself.

Hufflepuffs to Remember:
~ Cedric Diggory (RIP)
~ Susan Bones
~ Hannah Abbott
~ Justin Finch-Fletchley

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Nick Gingold and Jeff Bye are TRIDENT SEX.

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cedric is love
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[ron + hermione]

The Harry Potter Books are love.

silverchair is love
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jake gyllenhaal is love
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Just for Kelly Lee

hayden fan

longing for ewan!

Jedi are Love.
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Star Wars is original trilogy love.
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Han and Leia are love.
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episode II teaser

straight edge is love
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Coldplay is Love.

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Captain Oats/Princess Sparkle is plastic love.

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